Aluminum alloy Windows special-purpose machinery

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Update time : 2016-01-26 10:18:00

Aluminium window machine production, installation, need what special:

1) aluminum profile cutting machine is used for Windows and doors manufacture cutting material, aluminum profile can be according to the need, the size and Angle of the cropping, commonly used interception Angle 45 °, 90 °. Cutting machine used in the production of large aluminum alloy doors and Windows for large-scale sawing machine, cutting aluminum alloy profiles, profiles can be smoothly on sawing machine worktable, intercept length, Angle is precise, neat curf, cutting speed; And small cutting machine used in the aluminum alloy doors and Windows processing centers for small toothless saw, cutting accuracy is far less than large sawing machine.

2) punch used for punching in the aluminum, can be square, rectangular and circular hole. Punch is used in large aluminum alloy doors and Windows factory equipment, and small processing centers is replace with other equipment, its precision and efficiency than punch.

3) follow on the milling machine is mainly used for profile milling, the keyhole pattern after milling machine can according to the shape of the template milling holes, the shapes of the template can be square, circular, elliptical, eight and so on. Has the characteristics of intelligent milling hole of high precision, fast speed. Follow milling machine equipment cost is higher, small processing centers, generally don't have, generally use the hand openings for instead.

4) set spell Angle, Angle of the machine is mainly used in aluminum alloy doors and Windows profile with high precision and characteristics of the Angle of aesthetics, usually use, in large aluminum alloy doors and Windows plant and small processing centers for general manual set of Angle.

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