PVC plastic windows for the daily use of the notes

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Update time : 2015-12-16 09:05:27

1when the installation of doors and windows, should be promptly tore profile surface protective film, and cleaned; otherwise, the protection film will be a lot of gum residues in profile, clay, sticky ash, very pretty, but it is very difficult to be cleaned.


2when the wind blows, should be promptly closed casement window.


3doors and windows hardware can not hang heavy objects.


4open the hanging under the window handle is by changing the opening direction to achieve different opening, to understand how to operate, so as to avoid damage.


5sliding doors and windows in use, should always clean up the sliding track, keep it clean, and the surface of the rail slot without hard particles of material existence.


6 plastic doors and windows products in the window frame and the window sash and other parts are provided with drainage and decompression system, to ensure the air tightness and water tightness doors and windows, users in the use of, not to the drainage hole and pressure balance hole doors blocked, so as to avoid the decline in performance caused by water seepage drainage of doors and windows, in the rain and snow weather, to daily life and work inconvenience.


7the sliding window in the push and pull force, should the sash middle or lower position, push pull effect, push and pull, not too hard, so as not to reduce the service life of the window sash.


8 the yarn fan cleaning, the user is not to remove the fixed gauze net of the glue, take down the gauze, and should be the whole of the yarn fan, water soluble detergent and soft cloth scrub.


9winter yarn fan when not in use, the user can according to the needs of the screen to remove. The yarn fan should be kept in the distance of 1 meters from the heat source, flat or short side vertical vertical, do not use hard material, so as to avoid deformation.


10When the yarn fan is used, please pay attention to the vertical frame of the inner push and pull fan, which can keep good sealing.


In the case of the market situation changes, the production of PVC window machine companies want to gain a firm foothold in the impact, not only the company to start their own brand, door and window dealers also must fully support the brand marketing, to win a good reputation. Is the so-called good word of mouth with repeat customers, a good reputation is the door and window companies and dealers based on the best way to the local doors and windows market.


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