Window machine not only a wholesales, but also a service

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Update time : 2015-12-12 09:18:16

After sales had excuse


Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the service of the present, a good after-sales service system is often able to "plug" a large number of consumers. However, some small windows and doors brand terminal stores less, less after-sales service, resulting in net sales of windows and doors to terminals into "no installation, no maintenance, no after-sales" of the three products.


And because of the number of doors and windows products category, on sales and installation personnel of professional degree requirements are high, many small brands to the investment cost of a lot of, so convenience with doors and windows products inconvenient transportation characteristics of prevarication. Will windows product quality problems attributed to the logistics company, so that consumers in between its toes. The problem is not resolved.


Of course and not all the doors and windows of the big brands are defeated in electricity sales platform, some big brands to set an example to the genuine products and perfect after-sales service to the development of the electricity supplier. Doors and windows products network marketing road may be is not easy, but is a need to long-term maintenance, long-term concern, a has broad prospects and the future of the road. Doors and windows enterprise bold exploration, not anxious not impatient, buchibuqi, out of a really suitable for doors and windows enterprise business marketing model needs to be.

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