Window machine not only a wholesales, but also a service

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Update time : 2015-12-29 10:16:52

Anti condensation using LD50 in indoor open air conditioning case, such as the outdoor temperature is 4 DEG C (in winter in Shanghai. The annual average temperature), the surface temperature of the interior doors and windows can be maintained at about 11 C, can effectively prevent due to encounter the indoor hot air cold aluminum profiles after the condensation, for you to bring clean and comfortable life to enjoy. Noise - the authority of the test, to stop the noise of about 30dB.


Waterproof design of cavity water tightness -- with equal pressure principle, the inflow of water to the outdoor outflow, realize high water tightness. Safety -- on the casement PVC window machine can be matching full half open device and then locked the windows only in the half open state to achieve ventilation, to prevent indoor play the children accidentally fall accident; at the same time the allocation to prevent window sash dropping four bar linkage, even if the window sash fixed screw loosening, by to support the window sash of the four-bar linkage with hook is connected to the window frame, so it will not happen sash shedding phenomenon, with the good safety performance. The corrosion of long life -- have patent electrophoresis surface composite coating processing technology, can effectively resist ultraviolet exposure and cement acid substances and maintain long-term profiles of bright colors. It is understood, at present the building materials market using high-end of the broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles across the, has gradually become many high-grade construction window product of choice. But experts also pointed out that the current market aluminum alloy doors and windows of uneven quality, the purchase must be carefully distinguished. Inferior aluminium alloy door and window, choose aluminum profile series and norms blindly, machine manufacture in a rough way, by saw cutting instead of milling, do not undertake installing according to the requirements, poor sealing performance, switch does not freely, not only air leaks and crack phenomenon of the glass, and encountered strong winds and external force, easy to push pull part or glass scratch or touch, destroy objects wounding.

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