Aluminum Profile 4-Axis CNC Machining Center

1. It is the 4-axis heavy-duty CNC machining center, used for hole drilling milling processing on aluminum profiles.
2. The machine can realize the 4-axis linkage processing.
Description Review


1. This machine is 4 axis heavy-duty CNC machining center, used for holes drilling, milling processing on aluminum profiles.

2. The machine movement adopts imported servo motors and servo drives, with fast positioning speed, stable operation and fault self-test function.

3. It adopts Taiwan SYNTEC CNC control system, can design the program by G code.

4. The CNC system has file storage unit which can store tens of thousands of different processing program files, which can be freely called by operators in field production, convenient and fast.

5, The main spindle power is 12KW, which can realize automatic tool change function.

6, The CNC system has the functions of fault detection, breakpoint recovery, power failure recovery, etc

7. The machine body is made of high-quality carbon steel plate welded with thermal aging and stress relief treatment, which ensures high precision processing and high-power milling and drilling and milling of the spindle head

8. Adopts automatic lubrication system to guarantee machine's long lifetime and smooth working.

9. Adopts gantry-type structure, which makes the operation more stable and improves the machining rigidity of the machine tool

10. Adopts high-quality imported servo motor, ball screw, linear guide pair, bearing and other mechanisms to ensure that the equipment has high processing accuracy. High stability and reliability.

11. Two work positions can process two or two profiles at the same time, interactive feeding, non-interference.


Model SFX4-CNC-7000
Voltage  380V/50HZ
Work stroke  
X Axis Stroke 7000mm
Y Axis Stroke 500mm
Z Axis Stroke 500mm
A Axis Stroke ±95°
Work Table  
Worktable Size 7000mm x 500mm
Max.Load Weight 1500Kgs/m
Spindle Speed 18000 rpm/min
Tools Specification  
Tools Magazine 12pcs
Tool Change Time 4s
Work Speed  
X Working Speed 0-60m/min
Y Working Speed 0-48m/min
Z Working Speed 0-20m/min
Work Accuracy  
X Axis Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Y Axis Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Z Axis Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Cooling & Lubrication   
Tools Cooling Way Cutting fluid micro spraying 
Lubrication Auto-lubrictaing 
Spindle Specification  
Main Spindle Power 12KW
Power Of X,Y,Z Axis 2..2kw/2..2kw/2..2kw
Machine Power  
Total Power 12KW
Weight 6T
Dimension 8900x1950x2850mm

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