Inside Pressing Insulating Glass Production Line

Item No.: SFW2000A/2500A
1.This machine is used for making double glass,triple glass , big and small glass and so on

2.Inside and Outside pressing insulating glass machine
  • Model: SFW-2000
  • Description



    1.PLC Control ,touch screen human-machine interface

    2.It can make double glass, triple glass, big and small glass ect.

    3.Automatic recognition of coated glass and LOW-E glass film.

    4.Imported glass suction cup and vacuum generator makes better glass catching effect

    5.The protection panel has been processed with plastic spraying to achieve good performance and long life time

    6.Cleaning parts adopts stainless steel and resistance material

    7.All electrical parts using international famous brand.

    8.The pressing part can be widen to 450 mm for easy maintenance

    9.The pressing parts adopt opening-door style for convenient maintenance.




    Model SFW-2000 SFW-1800
    Voltage 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
    Power 23KW 21.5KW
    Air Pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa 0.5-0.8Mpa
    Max.Glass Size 2000x2500mm 1800x2500mm
    Min. Glass Size 280x450mm 280x450mm
    Working Direction Right to Left or Left to Right Right to Left or Left to Right
    Glass Thickness 3-18mm 3-18mm
    Transfer Speed 8-45m/min 8-45m/min
    Weight 4500KGS 4500KGS
    Dimension 18900x2100x3200mm 18900x2100x3000mm



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