Pneumatic Two Component Coating Machine

1.This machine is used for sealing glue after double glass pressing

2..The A and B component glue pump and proportional pump's high pressure valve are made of ground special leak-free alloy.
  • Model: SFT-03
  • Description



    1.This machine is used for sealing silicone glue for double glass

    2.The A and B component glue pump used imported brand.

    3.The special and convenient mixing device ensure high precise mixture performance.

    4.Imported glue gun,reliable sealing.

    5.The machine can be used to spread two-component polysulphide glue or silicone .




    Model SFT-03
    Mix Ratio 6:1-14:1
    A Glue Drum 50 Gallon
    B Glue Drum 5 Gallon
    Wokring Pressure 30Mpa
    Glue Output 4-10L/min
    Air Pressure 0.6-1.0Mpa
    Dimension 1100x950x1980mm

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