Cause analysis of leakage of aluminum windows 2

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Update time : 2015-12-18 09:59:18

aluminum doors and windows in the manufacture process can not reach to the quality requirements


(1) under the frame material is too small, the section size does not meet the standard requirements, and are not required to be carried high,

Some even window frames, buried in the windowsill plastering, the rain water can penetrate into the interior


(2) the corner or the joint of the joint is useful for waterproof, but the waterproof pad is small or the overlap is not used in the sealing of the sealing


(3) strip, top material is short, caused by the end of Water Leakage directly


(4) the exposure of the nail head or the extrusion hole without injection


(5) no water discharge hole or sealant thick clogged drain hole, resulting in sliding groove of the rain can not get timely exclusion box under the window, causing rain to penetrate into the interior.


(6) aluminum doors and windows installed in the field, not good control of the assembly size, resulting in a mutual sealing position staggered or lap size insufficient, or because of the pressure foot clearance for fastening screws fixed window frame without closing glue plugging, sealed with sealant without clean sealing surfaces etc.

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