Cause analysis of leakage of aluminum windows 3

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Update time : 2015-12-19 09:41:26

aluminum doors and windows and the wall connection part improper packing seal


(1) the gap between the aluminum doors and windows and the wall is too large or too small, it is difficult to cause doors and windows fixed and packing is not easy to crack;


(2) the frame and wall are not fastened, and the structural measures are not reasonable. Connectors material thin and wide enough, not according to the connection structure selection of wall materials, but adopted the tin and nail method, others use small cement nail directly nailed in the brick masonry mortar joint, some connector spacing is too large, which greatly weakened the connection firmness, easy to produce crack, frame material in contact with the wall between the causes of the leakage, but also to the user the hidden trouble in security;


(3) no filler fill gap between the window frame and the wall, forming a crack or hollowing phenomenon Joint;


(4) the window machine are not installed in the outside of the wall and the connecting part of the wall,Or waterproof seal level is not enough, or seal failure;


(5) fixed door and window frame of the adjustment pad block in the door and window frame, or after the removal has not carried out again;


(6) for a connecting rod having a corner or connected form of a door and window, located in a corner or connected part

The upper part of the piece is not blocked, which is easy to cause leakage of rain from the upper and down into the interior;


(7) the fixed connection between the doors and windows and the entrance of the hole is not firm, so that the doors and windows are moved under the action of wind load

And the sealing material to produce cracks.

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