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Daily maintenance Windows remember four methods

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Update time : 2021-03-03 09:54:00

No wooden door for maintenance at ordinary times, the long wooden door, is prone to cracking and peeling phenomenon, therefore, to do a good job of maintenance wood door is very important. Use at ordinary times don't too hard and don't impact wood door... In fact, any household products only use don't maintain, again strong also can gradually damaged, so we should learn to maintain the household articles for use around, now we'll look at the daily maintenance of door window method.


First, don't hang on the door leaf heavy items and avoid sharp instrument knock against, scratches. Do not overexert when opening or closing doors.


Second, do not use wet hand to open the door, or corrosive solvent splash onto the wooden door and door lock. Open the door or turn the door handle, don't too hard. Often hinges, locks and other activities of hardware fittings, loose occurs immediately. When the door open, can add right amount at the end of the pencil lead into the keyhole and lubricant lubrication.


Third, wipe the glass, don't make cleaning agent or water infiltration glass bead crack inside, so as to avoid layering deformation. Don't too hard and wipe the glass to avoid glass damage to hurt person. Be sure to ask professional maintenance after the glass is broken.


Fourth, clear wood stain on the surface (such as a fingerprint), can use first wet, I breathe again with a soft cloth to wipe. Hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface, when smear is too heavy, can use neuter cleaner, toothpaste or furniture special detergent, wipe clean immediately after decontamination. The edges of wooden door place do not often friction, in order to avoid damage to material of facing of edges and corners of fade. When clear the dust on the wooden door, if you don't use soft cotton cloth wipe, can use a vacuum cleaner to remove. To maintain the wood surface gloss and service life, should be regular cleaning, dusting, can use wooden decoration products for curing liquid, its surface is maintained.


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