Energy-saving Windows and doors

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Update time : 2021-03-04 09:32:00

Now advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, also comply with energy saving on Windows and doors design and production of spring, use PVC window machine production of PVC Windows and doors, one is a good choice.


Energy-saving Windows and doors use the profile quality is rigid PVC profiles, many people tend to view the current energy saving doors and Windows with previous calcium plastic window, in fact, there are two differences between the two; calcium plastic window profile is based on a single PVC resin as basic material, and energy saving window profiles based on mixed type resin (PVC + cpe blend resin and Eva or acr) as basic material, which has high physical and chemical performance and shock resistance; calcium plastic window profile just joined the necessary of the chemical composition of plasticizing agent and excess filler (caco3), and the energy-saving Windows and doors profiles were added to the chemical composition of thermal stabilizing agent, light stabilizer (ultraviolet absorbent, antioxidant, processing AIDS, and to adapt to the working condition of doors and Windows specific environment of antistatic agent, flame retardant, such as multicomponent additives, therefore the latter permanent, color retention, KangFuXing.


Metal doors and Windows is obviously better than the heat preservation and heat insulation energy-saving Windows and doors. Building energy efficiency, mainly thermal insulation walls and doors and Windows. Energy-saving window low thermal conductivity, can have heat preservation and heat insulation effect, and have the same price and the aluminium alloy window, users under the condition of without increasing the input, do than metal window energy saving 16-33% a year is equal to saving energy costs 16-33%, less money and live comfortable, he le.


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