Global Windows and doors market profile China's high potential doors and Windows

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Update time : 2016-01-14 10:37:33

China's housing construction project of year, equivalent to the sum total of Europe and the United States. Doors and Windows in the building area usually area accounts for about 25% ~ 25%, doors and Windows of quantities every year in China, is the entire European doors and Windows construction area of more than four times a year. In all kinds of material of doors and Windows, aluminum alloy doors and Windows accounts for about 55%, accounted for about 35% of plastic doors and Windows, steel doors and Windows accounts for about 6%, other Windows accounts for about 4%. 


Building doors and Windows are an important part of the building is essential, the sustainable development of construction industry itself is also the decisive basis for the development of building doors and Windows. China is in rapid economic development, although there are intermittent policy adjustment and the international environment factors (such as the raw material price fluctuations, etc) influence short-term changes, but from a long-term point of view, the sustainable development of construction industry is certain in decades. For building doors and Windows industry, based on the construction of big background, the opportunities and challenges. 


First of all, is the objective existence of economic hot spots and motivation. 

China's economic layout and regional development strategic priorities, including the development of the western region, revitalize the northeast old industrial base, the rise of central China, east hot region take the lead in the development of the economy. Over the next five years or so of time, will enter a period of relatively stable. 

Second, is to save energy resources. 

Countries to speed up the development of strategic emerging industries to an unprecedented height. Economic research department minister of industry under the state council development research center, Mr. Feng said: "in the wake of the financial crisis, not just in China, the world economy is in transition to a low-carbon economy, started toward represented by energy-saving new materials such as industrial structure adjustment. 

Third, it is the needs of the construction socialism new countryside. 

The central put forward in the twelfth five-year plan for the construction of new countryside and urbanization go hand in hand. Periods of large-scale construction of small towns has arrived, actually is the area of rural residential completed each year 6 ~ 700 million square meters, the annual demand for doors and Windows of about 100 million square meters, for the building door window provides a huge market. 

China international door window city as the region's largest Windows and doors curtain wall industry exhibition trading center, China and the world of Windows and doors curtain wall technology research and development centers, production and processing center, information center, exhibition trading center, warehousing logistics center, will have good prospects for development! 


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