The advantages of PVC plastic doors and Windows

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Update time : 2016-01-11 11:53:25

Because the material is PVC in melt state through die extrusion molding, finalize the design. Thus realizing the function of all kinds of fine structure can be formed, such as improve the strength to place the steel main cavity, to improve the performance of heat preservation, sound insulation multi-cavity structure, drainage channel, mounting hardware structure, can be a powerful guarantee of the doors and Windows function requirements. 


By placing different specifications, the shape of the reinforced steel, PVC plastic window can get different wind pressure strength. In addition to meet the requirements of average wind pressure, also can have very high wind pressure strength. Even after a more than 12 typhoons, after a typhoon, the window is still keep the initial function of intact. 


PVC plastic window of the sound insulation effect is good, according to Japanese data, to meet the same requirements and reduce the noise, the installation of aluminium window buildings and the distance of the road should be more than 50 meters, and after installation of plastic window, the distance can be shortened to 16 m. In the increasingly noisy city environment, the use of plastic window can make a more comfortable indoor environment. 


Corrosion resistant performance is good, PVC plastic doors and Windows can be used in the acid rain, coastal, chemical plants and other severely corrosive environment. White PVC plastic doors and Windows color requirements for indoor decoration has a wide range of adaptability, double-color coextrusion successively applied in recent years, laminating, spraying technology can make the plastic window outdoor color more rich, satisfies the requirement of the color of the building facade. 


PVC plastic window frame, fan Angle are welding, Angle type window can be exempt from group due to the improper process, from the cracks in the possibility of a leak. PVC plastic Windows and doors profiles can be recycled and reused, because PVC resin is a thermoplastic material, so it can repeatedly thermoforming, become the new products, recycling, accord with environmental protection requirement. 


The biggest advantages of PVC plastic window energy saving, and reflects the excellent price performance ratio in this respect. First in terms of material production energy consumption, unit weight of the PVC is only 1/8 of the steel, aluminum 1/16. And when recycling reuse don't need to smelting, casting, just put the material after broken, can be used as a raw material. Energy consumption. This situation is favorable for shortage of resources country. 


More articles about PVC window machine will update in the blog, hope this article can help you!

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