How to suvive in window E-commerce

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Update time : 2015-12-22 09:47:44

Logistics inconvenience to restrict the development of  E-commerce


As we all know, and electricity suppliers must not be divided into logistics. Doors and windows, window machines as a large item, with the traditional network marketing products are different, and doors and windows electricity suppliers on the logistics requirements are particularly high, ordinary courier simply can not provide the transport services and doors and windows electricity suppliers. Especially in the trans provincial long-distance transportation, will inevitably cause a bump, affect the appearance of products and quality etc..


Although the entire logistics market can meet the requirements of the doors and windows transportation, large objects transport vehicles more, but because of the management is not standardized, large goods transport long-term existence of "system", "management" "high" and "difficult" and other issues, greatly restricting the healthy growth of the industry, but also affect the long-term development of the electricity and electricity suppliers. Coupled with the purchase of a large extent of online shopping is passionate consumption, the return rate is very high. If you follow the traditional way of network sales, not only the effect is not satisfactory, but also may have to bear the cost of logistics.

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