PVC plastic doors and windows industry will show their skills in the field of building energy conservation (1)

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Update time : 2015-12-23 09:18:01

PVC plastic net review: according to experts, the thermal conductivity of plastic doors and windows only steel 1/360, Al 1/250, has good insulation properties. At the same time, the plastic door and window profiles are multi chamber structure (some areas have developed to the five chamber and even six chamber structure), it consists of multiple independent space to form a closed air insulation layer, the full use of air heat insulation performance, so that the overall thermal conductivity of the material is further reduced.


Experiments show that the heat transfer coefficient of K plastic doors and windows Shuangbo window value can reach 3.0W / m2 below K, which can meet the most hot summer and cold winter, hot summer and warm winter area and cold area of building energy efficiency requirements. While the ordinary aluminum alloy windows, even Low-E hollow glass, its K value can only reach K - 3.5~3.0W/m2. Thus, in order to meet the same K value requirements, plastic doors and windows can choose a more economical supporting glass, so as to reduce the cost of doors and windows.


According to experts, plastic door and window frame or sash material between the material by melt welding, the window frame and the window sash are as a whole, there is no gap between the horizontal and vertical feed, to eliminate the possibility of air through the transverse and vertical corner stitching material.


Precision plastic doors and windows processing and processing of high frame size, fan lap design, when assembled, all seams are fitted with sealant or seal strip. Glass mosaic in the frame and the sash combined into the grooves on both sides with elastic rubber seal. The sash buckle in a sliding window frame rail, sash and frame by top seal. The sliding window, also through the two top seal. Between the casement window frame and the window sash is through the rubber seal. In addition, the installation of plastic door and window, in between the wall and the frame by the flexible support, were sealed with styrofoam. At the same time, open the pressure balance hole and drainage hole in the window frame and the window sash corresponding parts are, further increases the air tightness of windows.


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